A chocolate conversation with chef Yu

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Beanblahblah x Yu Chocolatier

Today we have Yu Hsuan Cheng, the chocolatier master of Yu Chocolatier, the winner of the 2016 and 2017 International Chocolate Awards and selected by the Louis Vuitton City Guide Taipei in 2016. Chef Yu is the pioneer of fine chocolate industry in Taipei, he is also an author of books that inspire chocolate movement among young people in Taiwan.

About 10 years ago, as a culinary enthusiast, Chef Yu started his passion for chocolate from his sophomore year in college as he studied English literature major.  The moment of truth came when he tasted a bar of Valrhona chocolate as he found that chocolate could also be very complicated and profound. He began exploring with chocolate himself by experimenting with ingredients from top brands such as Valrhona, Chocolat Michel Cluizel and Amedei. At that time, it  not many people in Taiwan were interested in chocolates. Chef Yu spent a lot of time studying all the chocolate stuff in the library, cookbook, and even in the academic journal himself.

One day, he began to question the complexity and importance of raw materials like cocoa beans when he got a chance to taste La Maison du Chocolat Single Origin. This was another time in his life that changed the way he discover chocolate. Though complexity of taste, he discovered the possibility of using chocolate to tell the story, a journey of chocolate from cocoa bean through chocolate making to one's mouth.

After graduation, his passion for chocolate made him pursue a study course at Ferrandi in France. During his internship program, he was trained at 3-star Michelin-starred restaurant, Ledoyen and Jacques Genin chocolate shop.

Chef Yu spent a part of his life experimenting and identifying possibility of creating an excitement he had with the single origin ganache. He experimented for thousands of times, again and again, until finally he discovered the correct ratio of formula which he found as impressive as the experience of what he looked for. This was a very proud and successful moment as a chocolatier. After his study in France, he spent a year in Taiwan to write a book about his experience in Paris to share with those who love chocolate. Eventually in early 2015, he has finally opened the store, Yu Chocolatier in Taipei to share his thought and expertise on original chocolate experience.

Nowadays Taiwan is very interested in chocolate, especially with the flow of single origin cocoa and bean-to-bar movement in the past two years, the chocolate industry has changed dramatically. This has led to openings of many fine chocolate stores in Taiwan, however, it is still the beginning of what may come to the community. For Yu Chocolatier, quality is the most important focus Chef Yu choose to present. His patrons are people who value his experience and encourage him to explore further and continue his excellent creations.

From its achievements and successes in 2017, Yu Chocolatier is part of the Salon du Chocolat, the world's largest chocolate fair. Chef Yu also has an ambition to introduce his Taiwanese chocolate tastes for audiences in France and Japan. in the near future.

To experience Yu Chocolatier, please visit No. 10, Alley 3, Lane 112, Section 4, Ren'ai Rd, Da'an District, Taipei City. https://www.yuchocolatier.com

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